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Ansley is an alignment and energy expert and has personally developed a unique, scientific technique called 4^2 Total Alignment, which is on the leading edge of scientific creation and collective consciousness. She has practiced the healing arts since she was a young child. She has had opportunities to influence hundreds of artists and professionals at the top of their fields.


Ansley Morgan specializes in activating another Renaissance movement out of international culture mecca, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

She coaches modern day Renaissance men and women including top artists, athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, advocates and activists. She makes sure her clients achieve perfect health and well-being, academy award winning acting performances, powerful communication on every level including non-verbal, effective world creative writing, and cash flow creation. She has worked with many international influencers including well known, beloved, and respected actors, producers, directors, writers, illustrators, painters, comedians, philanthropists, politicians, agents, managers, healers, musicians and entrepreneurs.

Ansley Morgan, Healer, 4^2™-Renaissance|LA Coaching in Hollywood, for Actors, Acting coach, Business People, and High Level Public Figures, Thought Leaders

Ansley Morgan, Strategic Management Consultant, Writer, Producer, Meditation and Mindfulness Expert,Certified Meditation Teacher

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Ansley Morgan

Ansley has been involved in the heart of Los Angeles' rich and influential culture for nearly her entire life. She has collaborated with several A-list directors, writers and actors, including academy award winners and Broadway directors. She has traveled to various locations including New York for high budget action film shoots at both the studio and independent level. She has worked with most of the studios including the heads of production at Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount and Sony. She also worked directly with many actors, writers, directors and comedians while at United Talent Agency. Ansley also worked as a management consultant for clients such as the Carlyle Group. She is a sixth generation Californian and many of her family members were involved in Old Hollywood and collaborated with icons such as Gary Cooper, Ginger Rogers, and Carey Grant.

Michael Lawrence Morgan

Ansley is married to Michael Lawrence Morgan who is also her partner in Renaissance LA and 4^2. Michael is a member of SAG/AFTRA, a sonar healing composer and performer who has already composed, produced, and released three CDs. Michael is a marketing guru and professional choreographer. Ansley is also a mother to her daughter Light Shalom and her son Glory Blaze Seven. The Morgan family includes their two beloved dogs; Christmas the Boxer and Shealtiel the Hungarian Vizla.

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